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About the Simulcast American Bar Association ABA Law Practice Division

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ABA LEAD LAW - exclusive access

The ABA Law Practice Division in conjunction with the National Conference of Bar Presidents is offering a new and unique experience for lawyers that you can't find anywhere else.

Produced as a leadership training experience via Simulcast and On-demand, ABA LEAD LAW is an opportunity for lawyers to participate in a leader development experience designed specifically to equip them with new perspectives and practical tools in the area of lawyer leadership.

Individuals have the opportunity to join in the largest leadership Simulcast of its kind through national, state & local bar associations, law schools and hosts across the country.

The complete training experience is in accordance with standards for CLE production, content, materials and agenda. However, ABA LEAD LAW, it is certainly not your typical CLE program. This high energy exciting day will be focused on developing core lawyer leader skills, believing that these principles will take root and a lawyer leader worth following will result.

The Speakers

Simulcast Theme

ABA LEAD LAW is divided into four segments: 1) leading oneself; 2) leading clients; 3) leading lawyers in your firm or organization; and 4) leading within our communities, including participation in bar association leadership.

The leadership development program is packed with amazing, high level information, and features 16 presenters who you will watch deliver their cutting-edge insights in front of a live audience of 450 lawyers in Greenville, SC. They cover topics such as: what it means to lead lawyers in times of uncertainty, effective leadership of a practice group or client project, applied leadership to law firms, and what it means for a lawyer to be a servant to society….and more.

You will learn techniques for developing the collective leadership skills of your team and gain understanding into how to innovatively collaborate, create and execute so that you can exceed your firm's standards for performance, productivity and sustainability.

So whether you're the leader of a large or medium sized firm, or you run a smaller operation, you will learn strategies from the best, and take your career to the next level.

To bring this leadership training directly to your firm or company, call (800) 690-3042 or register here.

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